Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Richardson to Everton talk as rivals show their muscle in transfer market..

It looks increasingly likely that rivals Liverpool will capture Spanish scouse fan Fernando Torres. Many United fans wouldn't have been too keen on him signing for the Red Devils given the amount of brown-nosing he's been doing regarding his impending move to the 'Merseyside Reds'.

Personally, I believe that Liverpool still lack width and until they resovle that situation then I think / hope that United will continue to edge them out, but I fully expect a stronger challenge from them this season.

Arsenal have also moved to replace Thierry Henry and how typical that Wenger has made an £8m profit on the deal that sees prolific goal scorer Eduardo da Silva, 24, switching from Dinamo Zagreb. The jury will be out on the former Brazilian, but if his goals per game record is anything to go by, Arsenal fans wont be carping for much longer.

Chelsea's injury problems continue with the news that Ballack will have to undergo another ankle operation. Jose will be most unhappy about this news, the Blues were none too pleased with the German's end of season antics, this latest setback wont help relations.

There's also reports claiming that Robben could yet be sold. If that happens the talk is it's likely Lyon's Florent Malouda will be signed as a replacement as well as Royston Drenthe from Feyenoord who looks like a real star in the making. Geremi has today moved back to the North East, this time to play for Newcastle - where he's perhaps best suited, because frankly he has never looked like a Chelsea player.

As for Roy Keane's Sunderland, as I posted a few days ago, the former United skipper is finding out now how tough this coming season is going to be in terms of the size of the challenge. So far Keane has been unable to attract any decent strikers - the word is the Irishman is keen on signing players with Premier League experience. Defoe doesn't reportedly fancy it nor it seems does Preston's Nugent. Keane may well now be forced to look abroad. However Sunderland are being linked to Alan Smith of United who continues to be the subject of speculation along with teammate Kieran Richardson who is being linked to Everton. If the Black Cats do not get busy soon and sign some genuine quality they will become one of the bookies favourites for relegation next season. It is time to get busy...

And what about happless Man City and this controversial takeover? Contrary to some, Britain does indeed have an extradition treaty with Thailand and has done since 1911. The only thing which may stop 'Frank' Shinawatra from being sent for trial in his own country is the fact that the current regime is a Military Junta. But with every passing day it looks increasingly likely that the former Thai prime minister will face charges of corruption when he's finally dragged back to his homeland. The Thai government were not aware that their former PM had any sizeable assets overseas and they would like to know where this money has come from. There is talk of money laundering...Will the Thai goverment eventually own City at some point in the future? Surely not, so we cannot rule out another firesale.

As far as City's new manager in waiting is concerned. Apparently Sveng is talking about recreating 'team England', which translates to capturing 'the coathanger' AKA Peter Crouch, from talking to a few Blues they were hoping for a 'bigger name' - but they would, wouldn't they? All in all, it looks like City will continue to keep us amused for a good while yet.

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