Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's official: Ferguson was an advisor to Tony Blair!

Alistair Campbell, the Labour party's former spin doctor in-chief, has this week published his official diary which logs the daily events of his time directing the government's PR machine.

Much of what went on during his time in office has been left out of the first volume, largely because Labour are still in government and Campbell did not want to rock to boat too much, and so it made perfect sense to release only what he saw fit as this juncture - even though this is very annoying for the media - they will just have to wait for the remaining five volumes to be published.

One thing of note which has come to light is that Sir Alex Ferguson was often consulted on such important matter as the war in Iraq, hard to believe I know, but it is true.

You do wonder if Campbell used to call Fergie with a view to getting his thoughts which he planned to use later this in his diary to gain some extra publicity for his book? It makes a bloody good story even though only the halfbakes of this world will take it seriously.

There's nowt wrong with seeking the opinion of your average man in the street on politics, everyone has one, much the same as everyone has an opinion on football.

Perhaps Campbell should have asked Fergie for his views on football clubs being taken back into private ownership and specifically the Glazer family, maybe this will come out in subsequent volumes. Too risky right now folks...?

You do get the impression that nobody messes with the man from Govan at Old Trafford, but judging by the following extract from the diary Fergie is giving the impression he's been silenced by his paymasters: "But Sir Alex insisted that his involvement was kept quiet because he said some board members at Manchester United had "slaughtered" him for raising his political profile".

As someone once famously said: Are you a man or a mouse!?

To which Groucho Marx replied: Put a piece of cheese on the floor and you'll find out!

Some fans would like to know if Fergie is indeed a man or mouse, perhaps we need to see the cheese test in action... :0)

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