Thursday, July 12, 2007

Great US expectations: Beckham is the provider, he is NOT the savior..

The day that he makes his debut for LA Galaxy probably cannot come soon enough for David Beckham, because as ever, there's been far too much talk surrounding the former United star and his move across the pond.

Even the great Pele has thrown his tuppence in calling Beckham 'a showman'. Which in my view is grossly unfair, but I will be kind to the Brazilian legend and say that his comments have been somewhat lost in translation, because anyone who has studied Beckham play would never describe him as a showman.

Beckham is a provider, and on occasion a taker of goal scoring chances. He is a team player in the true sense, he gives his all for his team-mates. That is what the LA Galaxy and US soccer fans in general can expect.

For all his qualities, one thing Beckham most definitely is not, is the savior of Major League Soccer. The success and future of US soccer will not depend on Beckham's next few seasons, his time in the US will just be another noteworthy footnote in the history of the US game. Beckham will bring many things to the table and he will improve LA Galaxy, expecting anything more than that is to expect too much and here again this comes down, as ever, to the media who continue to build players like Beckham up only to knock them down again at their time of choosing.

Until the game is fully embraced by a substantial number of US adults then it will be continue to be viewed as a game played by kids and women and those interested in minority sports.

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