Tuesday, July 24, 2007

FIFA prove to be no use at all in Tevez row....

Perhaps not surprisingly to some, the world's governing football body FIFA has taken, what many will no doubt view as the easy way out over the row surrounding the proposed transfer of Carlos Tevez to Manchester United by deciding that the best decision for all concerned is for the case to heard by the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland - which is an organisation with strong links to the IOC.

Many within the game, and we are led to believe even the UK Government wanted FIFA to take make a ruling over the Tevez deal and also on the whole issue of third party ownership of players, which is at the very centre of this row, but no, instead it's a case of buck passing from the world's governing body.

All too often we hear Sepp Blatter blathering on about issues which affect the beautiful game and yet here was a chance to really make a stance and prove some worth but no, it isn't too be, instead it will be left to an organisation with links to the International Olympic Committee.

The fact of the matter is that FIFA have turned a blind eye to third party ownership of players as the practice is common place in South America, and as such the whole issue looks to be a huge can of worms, because if FIFA had made such a ruling it would have implications for other third party deals around the world. So it seems rather than take on this case FIFA are happy to let a court with no real ties to football rule on this very important issue.

Quite what the this court of Arbitration for Sport will make of this case remains to be seen, there's even talk that MSI the player's agents could take the case to the High Court to get the matter resolved.

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