Sunday, July 15, 2007

Chelsea to ditch the diamond formation...

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has spoken about what Blues fans can expect next season, the dull and negative diamond formation looks set to bite the dust. The self anointed 'special one' has vowed to make Chelsea more exciting to watch, stating that he believes his players are the best in the world. Well he would say that, wouldn't he?

Privately Mourinho would no doubt concede that he only changed his 4,5,1 winger system to accommodate Michael Ballack. The theory goes that the Portuguese manager was never that smitten with signing the German and Shevchenko - who could yet return to AC Milan if a deal can be agreed.

Last season the former champions definitely lost width and became quite predictable in many ways. Despite this switch to a more attacking formation, Chelsea will not I precict have things their own way. Liverpool, United and Arsenal will press the Blues very hard and right now as far as I'm concerned there's not much between the top four. The only thing that I will predict is that Arsenal will probably finish fourth.

As for United, a lot will depend on how Fergie's new signings bed in, the Reds have made a lot of changes in pre-season and so the test will be how quickly this new team gels. We need to seal the Tevez deal too. If and when that deal is agreed I fully expect the Argentine to miss the early part of the new campaign as think Fergie will give Tezev at least two weeks rest.

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