Sunday, June 10, 2007

Glanville totally misses the point about David Beckham..

Here we go again another top sports writer in the form of Brian Glanville has totally missed the point about David Beckham, the scribe argues that the Madrid man cannot beat a man with pace and so he's not a winger in the true sense. That is of course true, but it is also to completely miss the point about Beckham, his game has never been about pace.

Glanville argues that Lennon and Pennant can do things that Beckham cannot, ie run beyond an opponent and cross the ball. What Brian is forgetting is that Beckham can do things which Lennon and Pennant cannot do, that is to consistently find his target often with limited time and space - which is why the former United star has created three out of the last four England goals. Beckham doesn't need to beat a man to deliver the killer ball, which is why he is so important to England.

England manager McClaren pandered to sections of the media and to Terry Venables by axing Beckham, the move backfired as without England's most potent weapon the Three Lions were more like the three blind mice. However, following Beckham's successful England comeback the press and writers like Glanville are still attacking McClaren and the former England captain and so it goes, there's none so blind as those who cannot see.

Finally, Terry Venables has today stated that he sees no problem with Beckham being included in future England squad's providing he maintains his fitness - the look on Venables face after the recent Brazil and Estonia games said more than 1000 words could ever do. Like the majority of the media and pundits, El Tel got it wrong about Beckham, plain and simple.

Another attack on McClaren and Beckham - another wide of the mark story

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