Monday, April 16, 2007

Waddle says United must win the title 'for the good of football'...

IT appears that many football fans who don't support United would rather see the Red Devils win the title in preference to Chelsea. A few years back this wouldn't have been heard of, as United were hated by those who don't follow the club. Times have clearly changed though and I suppose this it's a measure of Chelsea's achievements under Jose Mourinho that has brought about this change of attitude.

To many fans there's something which just doesn't seem to be quite right about Chelsea and the way they play, which most of the time is in marked contrast to United's cavalier style of football.

But to suggest it is merely to do with different styles, would be to miss another major point. Before Roman Abramovich pitched up, Chelsea were heading for bankruptcy, but once they appointed Mourinho who was given all that money to spend they haven't looked back, there has been times over the last two seasons when it looked like Chelsea were buying players to stop rivals getting them. Then of course there's the web of football contacts which Abramovich has developed both in Russia and in South America. Arsenal were recently knocked out of the Champions League by PSV and Alex was the player who did the damage - he is supposedly ear-marked to go to Chelsea as they have first refusal and so it goes...

United cannot really complain about other clubs because they've had it their own way in England until recently, being the best supported club with the most money has given them plenty of leverage. However, many neutral fans have viewed Chelsea's dominance as something of a danger to football as a whole, and the Premiership looked to be in serious danger of becoming an annual one horse race. At least United have made a real fist of it this season and they've entertained in a way that Chelsea do not for the most part. Long may it continue.

Waddle not talking twaddle for a change

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