Monday, April 02, 2007

United fans in lock-in shocker...

News reaches United blog towers that Reds fans will be held back for 90 minutes after our Champions League clash with AS Roma in Rome on Wednesday night. Clearly this measure is designed to stop problems between fans developing, but holding the fans back for 90 minutes will cause chaos for many supporters who will have flights to catch. In the last round United fans had problems in Lille, so now it's the turn of the Italian's to show how not to do it. This would never happen at United, visiting fans are given a speedy escort away from the ground and are sent on their way home as quickly as possible.


  1. You can't blame them actually as England fans are often treated as hooligans... Too bad and I don't like it!

    Also, 90 minutes is too long...

  2. About time we started to treat all visiting french and Italian teams like they treat us. Lock them in cages throw in a couple of rottweillers armed with truncheons and them make them wait in the cages on a freezing cold night in Manchester for 90 minutes they might have different attitudes to what being civilised means afterwards


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