Sunday, April 15, 2007

Our FA Cup semi final - a walk in the park...

Ok, so what did you expect, it was top versus bottom and United were always going to tonk Watford. The 4-1 result was no surprise was it?

Actually the Hornets made a decent scrap of it in the second half and they sold more of their ticket allocation than either Blackburn or Chelsea, in percentage terms anyway.

The scoreline did flatter United a bit it has to be said, at least it did if you were being kind to Watford.

The Reds could really have done without the injuries to Rio and Van der Sar.

Somehow I get the feeling our next game is going to be a hard one as Sheffield United are now scrapping for Premiership survival.

And now we know the Reds will face Chelsea in the FA Cup final. Bring it on.

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