Monday, April 23, 2007

Mourinho and the BBC join forces to attack United over penalty claims...

Following yesterday's 0-0 draw with Newcastle Jose Mourinho let rip about refereeing decisions in two recent United games. It seems he's not content with complaining about decisions which go against his team and he's been aided by the BBC Sport, who published the story yesterday and they've republished the story again today as a headline story on the BBC sport website.

The fact is Chelsea have been involved in many controversial decisions themselves, yet the BBC and Jose don't go over the top in highlighting them. Does the BBC have anti United agenda?

Here's a couple of links to games in which the big decisions went in Chelsea's favour this season:

Blackburn denied
Watford denied

The point is, these decisions tend to even themselves out over a season, and the game isn't perfect, which is part of its attraction in my humble opinion, most professionals in the game accept that, Jose knows this to be true. But we know he's a drama Queen who likes to make his point, he doesn't need the BBC to repeat his claims, time and time again.

If the BBC is going to go OTT on every decision concerning United, then let them at least be consistent and show a degree of balance by going over the top when decisions go Chelsea's way too. As things stand the BBC is guilty of presenting only some of the facts about what has happened this season.

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  1. I agree with what your saying 100 percent.How many decisions do Chelsea get more than their share thats for sure.Its just sour grapes with Mourinho after failing to close the gap to a point he has to blame anyone but his own team.Hopefully United can go on and win the League now.


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