Thursday, April 26, 2007

Manchester United tickets, too dear or not too dear, that is the question for many Red's....

United are riding high in three competitions and they've just beaten AC Milan with a last gasp Wayne Rooney stunner in a thrilling five goal Champions League semi-final. Then next day what happens? The club announces seasons ticket prices for 07-08, which, surprise, surprise are going up again. As someone once famously said, 'it was a good day to bury bad news'. Quite.

For some fans it means season tickets will go up by as much as 14%. Last season they went up by on avegare 12%, which is a whopping 26% over two seasons, this at a time when other North West clubs are reducing ticket prices... As you'd expect supporters groups aren't happy about the latest price rices, Chairman of the Independent Manchester United Supporters’ Association (IMUSA), Mark Longden, blasted the price hike, insisting there is “absolutely no justification” for it. He said: “Clearly, it flies in the face of the thinking all over the country, from Bolton to the Emirates (Arsenal’s stadium). The justification for the price increases stems from the fact that the Glazer family have put the club in masses of debt. Manchester United have serious debt problems, and so the fans can expect many more price increases and not less.

But there was a bit of good news to report on the ticket front as United have reduced some prices for those with children and for concessions. However, they've also stipulated that all season ticket holders must join the automatic cup scheme which will I suspect be the final straw for many cash strapped season ticket holders who prior to this latest announcement had the option of joining. No more. This move will take the cost of a season ticket for many fans to well over £1,000.

Someone I know recently contaced United about season tickets and he was told that they have a waiting list of 10,000 names. Yet the club are still actively advertising season tickets. I suspect that the club anticipated many fans jacking it in following this latest price rise, hence the advertising campaign.

I will soon be posting more information about tickets, so watch this space.

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