Sunday, April 29, 2007

FA to investigate Elland Road numpty invasion...

Apparently the hapless FA are to investigate why Leeds United fans aka 'numpties' ran onto the pitch at the end of the Leeds United home game yesterday. My advice is this, if the FA want to hold an investigation they should be asking why the referee decided that the game warranted five minutes extra time. According to Sky's reporter Bryn Law, there was absolutely no justification for this, without the added time then perhaps much of the chaos wouldn't have ensued.

For anyone who doesn't know the White's were relegated to the old third division yesterday, and to think it wasn't that long ago that they were fighting it out in the Champions League semi-final.

What has happened to Leeds should serve as a timely warning to clowns like the Glazer family who have saddled the Red Devils with a huge debt mountain. Yes, Man United are doing extremely well at present, but a bad run could soon bring down the Red kingdom. This is basically what happened at Leeds United. Peter Ridsdale the former Leeds chairman had based his business plan on qualifying every season for the Champions League, but they crashed financially when the club didn't qualify for the Champions League and then the same people who loaned the club money sent it spinning out of control and on the way to financial meltdown. Leeds had to sell all of their best players, Rio Ferdinand was sold to United for £30m and Alan Smith soon followed.

You see, this is what happens when you get it wrong, you go down, down, deeper and down. Take note greedy megalomaniacs.

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