Monday, April 16, 2007

FA announce 'sensible prices' for cup final - it's anything but sensible...

So the FA have announced the ticket prices for this seasons new Wembley FA Cup final. Brian Barwick says the tickets prices are sensible at £35, £60, £80 and £95, with a limited number of tickets made available to the clubs at £17.50 for under-16s.

The vast majority of tickets will no doubt cost between £60, £80 and £95, so assuming you have a family of four and assuming you're lucky enough to be able to get your hands on four tickets, it's going to cost you somewhere in the region of a minimum of £105 and worst case £380 and that's before a ball is kicked and obviously it wont include getting to London, your matchday programme and food for the day, etc etc.

The truth of the matter is that due to the exorbitant costs of rebuilding Wembley the stadium owners had no choice but to charge as much as they can get away with. It will have been written into the FAs cash flow projections when they went looking for funding. When Brian Barwick said it was important to set ticket prices at a sensible and affordable level, he didn't actually qualify that statement. Barwick talks about being very competitive. Competitive with who exactly, Chelsea?

The average cost of tickets for Manchester United home games is around £30, so again assuming that the majority of the tickets for the new Wembley fall into the £60 to £80 bracket, the cost is over twice as much as the average United ticket, so in no way are the new Wembley tickets priced sensibly, nor competitively.

Once again the FA have proved that they are world beaters at something - ripping the fans off.

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