Saturday, April 28, 2007

Christian attacks United and Rooney over badge kissing...

What is that old adage, never mix sport and politics? Well I think it needs revisiting to read never mix sport, politics and religion. Reason being the Reverend George Hargreaves, leader of the Scottish Christian Party has launched an attack on Wayne Rooney and Manchester United because, wait for it - the club has the nickname the Red Devils. No folks, this isn't a joke.

Clearly this is nothing but a pr stunt and I've reluctantly given George the oxygen of publicity that he so obviously desires. George's best recommendation is that Manchester United fans should go and support another local team, until the image of the devil is removed from the club crest... like as if either is going to happen.

Many of us do not take religion that seriously, this fact is backed up by falling numbers within church congregations and church closures up and down the country. With tirades from people like the Reverend Hargreaves, is it any wonder that people do not take religion that seriously?

There is of course only one true religion, which is supporting United.

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