Saturday, March 10, 2007

Champions League draw: Fans making plans for the invasion of Rome..

Manchester United fans were perhaps the most delighted of all on hearing the Champions League draw, not just because many feel the Reds can beat AS Roma over two legs, (providing injuries clear up in time to key players), but also because United haven't played either of Rome's football clubs in their recent history.

From what I hear a lot of Reds are planning to make the trip. It wont hopefully to out to be a reenactment of the sacking of Rome in 410 AD when the Barbarian hordes won the day, but on the pitch it will be a different matter, it will be a real scrap and a fight to the death, but without the gore of the Coliseum, it looks like a real cracker of a tie in the making.

The last time United won the Champions League in '98-'99 we had to overcome two Italian sides in the quarter and the semi, this time the road to Athens is blocked firstly by Roma and then possibly Milan. An omen perhaps?

The thing is everyone left in the competition will rightly believe that they have a good chance of winning it.

There is of course the possibility of an all English final....would UEFA allow the final to go ahead in Athens as planned?

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