Friday, February 16, 2007

Cristiano Ronaldo to join Barcelona?

Earlier this week Carlos Queiroz ruled out Ronaldo joining Real Madrid this summer, United's assistant manager knows all about Madrid of course having managed them for a brief spell. So Reds fans will be hoping that Queiroz is right about this. However, Real Madrid are a club who do not give up easily and worryingly they usually get what they want. Take the David Beckham transfer, we the fans started hearing all the rumours in the tabloid press about the then England captain joining Madrid - which is exactly what is happening now with Ronaldo - the difference is this time United do not want to lose Ronaldo, he's nowhere near reached his prime.

United realised that Beckham had already reached the top of his game and it wouldn't be too long before the decline started. Beckham had decided he wanted out too and wouldn't agree to sign a new contract which had been on the table for some time, so he had to go.

IF Ronaldo moves, it wont be the end of United, as I've mentioned a few times on this blog, we've lost Cantona, Best, Charlton, Law and Beckham and the Reds go on, but Ronaldo is different. All those players mentioned had given the club wonderful service over a number of seasons. Ronaldo is the heartbeat of this current United side, he's top scorer - which for a winger is unbelievable, he's created many other goals too.

IF he goes this summer the effect on this current team will be felt hugely and no manager, not even Fergie will be able to replace him like for like, because as Queiroz rightly says he is arguably the best in the world at present, a player who is also at United and nowhere near his prime.

Interestingly while Queiroz says Ronaldo won't join Madrid, he made no mention of Barcelona, does this mean that the United assistant has concerns over that possibility? I think so.

Whatever happens this summer, I know one thing, the rational United fans among us will thank Cristiano for what he's given the club, he didn't have to sign that last contract, he could have walked then, to his credit he did not. He could have walked following the Neanderthal England threats after the World Cup, he did not. We have to remember where he's come from and he was always going to go back to that part of Europe at some stage. My advice to United fans is to prepare for the worst this summer, but let us hope us Reds fans have title success to console ourselves with...

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