Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Barcelona falling apart - Ronaldo please take note..

The latest news coming out of the Barcelona camp, is that they are being torn apart by internal politics, at least that is according to Samuel Eto'o, who has recently returned from a serious injury, the Cameroon star says one half of the dressing room is supporting the president, the half is supporting another faction.

Presidential elections dominate Barcelona and Real Madrid, with would be candidates jockeying for position and the fans votes ahead of these often bruising elections. It's often the case that promises that cannot always be fulfilled are made in a bid to gain crosses on the ballot card. Barcelona thought they'd signed Beckham when he was about to leave United, that one didn't come off for them and of course Figo signed for deadly rivals Real Madrid a few seasons before that along with fat Ronaldo. They say that the Barca / Madrid rivalry is perhaps the most bitter on the planet, but no way would you get two top United or Liverpool stars signing for their North West rivals, quite simply it would never happen, so in those terms the Barca / Madrid rivalry isn't even on the same page.

One does hope that our very own Cristiano Ronaldo is taking note of the internal bickering at the Nou Camp, last week Barcelona's snouts in the media published a not so heavily disguised invitation to Ronaldo to join them next season "we have the perfect environment in which to train, it never rains, etc, etc". At least at United the players are all pulling together, the same cannot be said of the players at the Nou Camp. Apparently Ronaldo has told one of his closest friends he will not join either club... (pay no attention to this, these so called friends more than likely do not exist).

Later this month Liverpool take on Barca in the Champions League and news of this latest fall out will be welcomed by the Anfield camp, and ever since the draw was made I've thought Liverpool stood a good chance over knocking out Barca, not because the Liverpool Reds are a better side, but because they can grind out results.

Naturally I'll be hoping Barcelona sort out their internal problems and do the business, because when they are on top form they are the most attractive team to watch in Europe and in any case I've always preferred style over grit and determination.

It could only happen at Barcelona or Real Madrid, often kings on the pitch, but jokers off it..

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