Sunday, December 31, 2006

Mourinho laying blame at the wrong door...

So Chelsea are six points behind the league leaders United and for the first time we are seeing slight cracks in Jose Mourinho's composure, sure the 'special one' has gone on the offensive before, but more often than not he's targeted officials or opposing teams. However following the 2-2 draw with Fulham the Chelsea manager attacked over half this first team...

Alan Hansen the former Liverpool defender and MOTD pundit analysed Jose's post match comments and concluded that not only do the Chelsea players need to respond and show their worth but so does the manager - the pressure is on. Quite. The thing is, yes Chelsea have been leaking goals but they've also been showing the mark of champions by often fighting back to either draw or win games which any normal side might have lost.

The problem with this latest public outburst is that it can work in one of two ways, the players will either respond in a positive manner or it could, worst case, work against Mourinho. Also, it's all well and good blaming players, but Mourinho has no excuse for not having top class cover for John Terry, he isn't managing Macclesfield Town is he? The 'special one' has made few mistakes during his brilliant managerial career, but he's making a fair few at the moment. Blasting your players in private is one thing, doing it via the media isn't recommended.

Mourinho has made it clear to everyone he has favourites in the Blues camp, but by blaming certain stars in public for the current defensive problems, he's in serious danager of widening any exsiting rifts.

Meanwhile, Manchester United will hopefully not be distracted by the in-fighting at the West London club, and we will be left to concentrate fully on winning our next game at Newcastle on Monday as Chelsea will be left to row among themselves for another 24 hours before they face Aston Villa in what could be a very interesting game.

Everyone is to blame barring the 'special one', or so it seems..

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