Wednesday, December 13, 2006

FA to press FIFA for video evidence to cut out diving.

..the FA are apparently going to press FIFA to introduce video evidence in a bid to cut down the amount of players who dive. The FA say they are the only national association pressing for the use of video evidence.

I think that the FA are onto a loser here. Here's why, part of football's beauty is its inperfection, but if video evidence could be used quickly and conclusively without too much of a delay in play, then it would be more appealing to the likes myself and other sceptics.

The fact is that wont happen. Take the example of Cristiano Ronaldo who was brought down in the penalty area recently by Boro's keeper at the Riverside - the referee awarded United a penalty kick and the reds went on to win the game.

After the game Gareth Southgate went carping to the press about the decision saying it wasn't a penalty, two weeks later and a consensus cannot be agreed, some say it was definitely a penalty while Southgate et al say the player dived. In such situations it will always come down the opinion of someone - so any decision will not be universally accepted as being right because it cannot be conclusively be proven one way or the other, so if that is the case we are no better off. We might as well leave it to the referee.

I don't often agree with Sep Blatter, but he is against this technology being introduced, this time I agree with him.

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