Tuesday, December 19, 2006

FA 'bracing' themselves for 'bung inquiry' findings

Apparently the FA are 'bracing' themselves for Lord Stevens report into bungs in football. The former top cop known as 'Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington' (why does every report on this bloke include reference to his funny sounding town name? It is of course precisely for that reason, if he came from Grimsby or Fleetwood it wouldn't get a mention, it doesn't quite have the same ring about it, does it?) will present his report today to the FA, but do not expect any earth shattering revelations or radical changes to the system.

There's talk of the FA setting up some sort of clearing house for transfers. That alone will be totally and utterly pointless. The clearing houses which the FA needs access to is those which service football managers own personal bank accounts, if the FA could find a way of getting managers to disclose their account details then perhaps the bung allegations could be laid to rest once and for all. But why would a Turkey vote for Christmas? And why should clean managers open up what is their personal bank account details to the hapless FA et al? Quite simply it will not happen.

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