Sunday, December 10, 2006

BBC sports personality of the year - time to scrap it?.

I may come across as something of a spoil sport, but I personally think the BBCs sports personality of the year should be scrapped. Since when does your personality affect anything in the sporting arena? A look down the list of candidates for this years farce includes a darts player (yes, really), a horse rider and an F1 driver. The first category cannot be classed as 'sport', horse riding is elitist and F1 is full of over paid ponces - F1s only ever true personality was James Hunt and that was down to his off the track 'activities' as a playboy.

The annual award does remain popular with the British public, but so does Eastenders and Coronation Street - clearly there's no accounting for taste - the BBCSPOTY is cheap tv and in my view needs to be scrapped.

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