Monday, November 20, 2006

Video technology - the time is right?

Following the controversial 1-1 draw between Blackburn and Spurs at Eawood Park on Sunday, Mark Hughes the Rovers manager has called for the introduction of video technology in a bid to assist referees to get the big decisions right.

"I've never been an advocate of technology but sooner rather than later they should bring it in. When huge decisions at the top level have an impact on teams, management and players then something has to be done," said Hughes.

Two red card decisions angered both managers, Tugay, scorer of a superb Blackburn goal was shown the red card for bringing down Ghaly inside the area, the referee decided it was a professional foul and sent off the Turk and also awarded the visitors a penalty. Ironically it was Ghaly who was later sent for an early bath for dangerous play for leading with his arm in aerial challenge.

Martin Jol the Spurs manager exchanged words with the referee and protested that Ghaly hadn't hurt anyone nor was the intention there. From a neutral point of view the Tugay decision was correct but Ghaly didn't touch the defender and so it was a harsh decision.

While video technology wouldn't have stopped Tugay getting sent off, perhaps Hughes is right, maybe it is time to view video evidence. When you think about it there's usually a hiatus on such occasions while the ref consults his linesman (assistant) before he decides whether or not it's a sending off. Some decisions aren't so clear cut though, for example when it's down to interpretation of the law, so even with video evidence it will come down to the opinion of another person. I guess it would take some of the heat away from the referee.

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