Thursday, November 16, 2006

United bin David Jones analysis.....

According to some stalwart regular reserve team watchers at United, David Jones had what it took to become a valuable squad member at the club. No more. This week it has been decided to bin Jones and sell him to Derby County for a knock-down fee.

Following the defeat at the hands of Southend Fergie hinted there might be a few recriminations, at the time we weren't sure what he meant, but he then tried to loan out Smith to Cardiff and then Leeds threw their hat into the ring, Smith turned down both offers.

Is it purely a coincidence that Jones has been pushed out of the door, or is the Glazer family putting pressure on Fergie to cut costs and following Smith's decision to stay put then someone else had to go?

Perhaps Fergie has just finally given up on Jones. Who knows? What we do know is that Fergie rarely gets it wrong when the axe falls on youngsters. Will Jones come back to haunt him? I doubt it because for one thing Fergie wont be around for that much longer.

If however, the Glazer family are in so much financial trouble that they are forcing the manager to off-load players who should perhaps be staying then United are further down the road to ruin that I'd expected at this stage. From when the Glazer family took over the club I expected it be three years before the full implications of their doom laden bid hit home.

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  1. United's squad is becoming ramarkably thin with the number of loans and offloads. Almost a return to the size of squad Sir Alex found when he arrived.

    I am all for loaning players and of course this season United have loaned more youth players than ever. But can anyone highlight a single loaned player that is making a difference to the current team they are playing for?


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