Monday, November 13, 2006

Smith refuses loan moves....

Alan Smith has decided that he doesn't fancy being shipped off to Cardiff or to Leeds his former club, you cannot really blame him, after all the Leeds fans weren't exactly turning cartwheels on hearing the news about his transfer to Man United a couple of seasons back, so you'd doubt they'd welcome home the local lad and their former hero.

As for Cardiff, again you can understand him not wanting to move to them, it is a step down - anywhere is once you leave United. I get the feeling Smith thinks a move to either club is a step nearer to a possible permanent move. While I don't rate Smith, he might just end up doing United favour, because it is pure folly to allow him to go anywhere with Ole out injured and injury prone Saha always likely to pull up at any time. A more sensible strategy would have been to have sold Smith in January when United could possibly acquire another striker.

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