Monday, November 27, 2006

Glazer has to back Fergie in January, or else..

United's lack of cover for Saha was once again exposed this weekend - once the French striker got injured, the game was effectively up for the reds, for all his power Wayne Rooney is a second striker - he isn't a centre forward and never will be.

Against FC Copenhagen, Saha was missing - whether or not he was actually injured is to miss the point, United lost the game and it could turn out to be catastrophic for the club if they dont qualify for the knock-out stages of the Champions League for a second year running.

IF Fergie isn't hammering on Glazer's door for money to strengthen his forward line this January, then there's something very seriously wrong because any hope United have of winning any silverware rests almost entirely on Saha remaining fit - lose him for any length of time and our season will be effectively over.

However, the noises coming from Ferguson aren't exactly encouraging, he recently hinted that he doesn't sign players in January. He could of course be playing his cards close to his chest - but United don't play that game very well, witness the tactless overtures to bring Owen Hargraves to the club. So on one hand we have apparently identified Hargraves as a target who can help strengthen the squad, but there's no talk of resolving the most glaring issue and weakness which is bring in another top striker. Go figure.

Some of us are left with the feeling that Fergie either cannot identify a suitable striker or else he thinks we are ok - the latter is surely inconceivable? Whatever the machinations of Fergusons mind, actions will speak louder than soundbytes and bravado of the like we all too often hear coming from the manager and his players about our chances of winning a pot or the title.

There is another factor, which is that some reds believe (me included) that Glazer will be quite happy for United to carry on as they are doing and finish in the top four - thus carrying on the trend under Fergie. From a business point of view, if your manager gets you into the Champions League knockout phase year-on year-out - why spend another £20m+ on a top striker?

The fact is, Fergie is doing a fantastic job for the Glazer family, he hasn't once rocked the boat regarding the takeover - much to the annoyance of hardcore anti Glazer fans. United despite having no cover up front are doing well. But United are gambling in the last chance saloon of Ferguson's career, he recently said he'd like to win the CL at least one more time - United will not do that without serious money being spent and it's about time Ferguson came out fighting and if needs be starts asking questions in public about financial support.

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