Friday, November 24, 2006

"Chelsea to be the biggest club in the world"..

OK, this is a joke right? No, it isn't. Because Peter Kenyon, the Chelsea CEO says by 2014 Chelsea will have overtaken Manchester United as the biggest club in the world.

In all seriousness does anyone actually care who is the biggest/richest club in the world? The title 'biggest club in the world' can be defined in different ways, people in the business world measure how big a club is based purely on the balance sheet. The club who is deemed to be the richest can then broker higher fees for sponsorship deals, which is all very good. However, we shouldn't confuse richest with biggest and most popular - this is where Kenyon is talking through his gold plated ring-piece.

Chelsea will never be as big as the likes of Manchester United or Liverpool, let alone Real Madrid and Barcelona - then again which world is Kenyon referring to - the real one, or the one he lives in?

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  1. I doubt it will happen for several reasons. As you pointed out, it can be measured in different ways. The other is it's assuming Chelsea is in business. They're not on course to meet Kenyon's stated goal 2 years ago of breaking even in 5 years. They're still bleeding money and only seem to be digging an even bigger hole.


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