Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Chelsea please stop whingeing...

So Chelsea lost a game, big deal, they will still win the title at a canter (sadly) at least that is my opinion. But why is it whenever Chelsea lose or something goes against them, someone from that club has to go on and on and on about it via the media? It stinks of trying influence future proceedings, everything is designed to put pressure on the officials. Take Chelsea's game at the Nou Camp, following that game Mourinho accused Barcelona of always getting the decisions and trying to get opposing players sent off. There was no need for any of that, Jose's mind-games were completey uncalled for, the game had been a joy to watch.

This weekend Chelsea got beat by Spurs, low and behold, Chelsea accuse Graham Poll the match referee of saying 'you lot need teaching a lesson' and now Ashley Cole is carping on about his booking. What Chelsea have failed to realise is that the referee wears a microphone and so any comments would have been heard by the fourth official - it would have been a unprofessional of Poll to have said what he's been accused of, but if he did say, he's right...

Chelsea do need to be taught a lesson, they need to be told to shut up and to get on with it. Referees make mistakes, they always have done, the game isn't perfect but everyone involved in the game knows that over a season the decisions even themselves out - come the end of the campaign few complain about where they've finished in the league. What happened at White Hart Lane wont affect Chelsea's season, it was a blip.
Also, how many times do we see players telling the referee to F*** *** during the game? Chelsea are acting like spoilt crybabies. Please stop whingeing.

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