Friday, October 13, 2006

Why was David Healy never given a chance at United?

The day after I posted that United should retain the services of Johnny Evans at all costs, comes the news that former United striker and Northern Ireland team-mate David Healy has had a four million pound price tag slappped upon his head, by Leeds United.

Healy was never given a half decent chance by Fergie. Why? I've never understood that one personally. I'd like Lord Stevens or whoever to investigate that, not that I'm suggesting there was anything dodgy about it, I'd just like to know why a kid with talent wasn't given a fair crack at the first team.

The worry is this summer United have been loaning out many youngsters, possibly with a view to selling them - and almost certainly to save on the clubs wage bill as decreed by the Glazer clan?

A prime example is Rossi. Even though United have problems up front, and Fergie hinted Rossi would stay if United didn't sign a replacement for RVN, Rossi went on loan to Newcastle and the club didn't replace RVN.

Fergie hasn't made that many mistakes with youngsters, with the exception of possibly Healy. Let us hope he doesn't do it again with Rossi and Evans et al.

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  1. Nice artilce-- are you still updating?


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