Friday, October 13, 2006

What did football fans do prior to the Internet?

I've often wondered what football fans did before the arrival of the Internet, because these days many football fans use the net to curse about their favourite club who may have just lost an important match, courtesy of the players or the manager under performing - it's usually both.

There's rarely a shortage of targets in these situations. There is of course good times too, but the good times don't seem to generate as much depth of feeling over the net on such matters. For some reason, the internet brings out the worst in many football fans.

There is alternatives to the internet, as you can, if you so wish, make a complete fool of yourself on radio phone-in's like BBC 606. Then there's newspapers, but no one actually writes to the sports editor using ye olde pen and paper any more. We write in via email and so it goes.

In the olden days before the digital revolution, if you wanted to swear and curse at someone until you turned blue in face without fear of getting arrested, there was only one place to go - a live football match! Remember them?

I'm not sure that the Internet has made better citizens out of us, it has changed the world we live in for sure. But there's been a price to pay, we have a nation of bedroom generals who are ready to pick a fight with almost anyone, providing there's no danger of it really happenging of course. Mr Hyde of 'Jekyll and Hyde' fame would no doubt meet his match on many a football forum.

I'll just knock back this pint of Stella and then I'll sort out that b*stard **** *** *** via my PC

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  1. Nice comment on today's world. I'm sure if I went back to my college psychology that I could come up with some positive about allowing people to vent in a safe environment -- but it is not really worth the effort.

    The tough part is finding somebody on the Internet that has something interesting to say that is not tearing somebody else down.

    I hope you can be one of those people worth coming back to.


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