Sunday, October 29, 2006

A season defining game?.....

I don't want to get too carried away about United's win at Bolton yesterday, but at the same time it's worth re-evaluting United's prospects this season, seeing as they are riding high and remain top of the league and are 6 goals better off than Chelsea.

Every season has its games that turn out to defining regarding the remainder of the season. These games usually fall around Easter as the end of the season becomes in sight and while we're obviously nowhere near reaching that critical point, United's performance yesterday was easily the seasons best so far and it will give everyone the belief that just perhaps United can mount a serious challenge for the games top honours.

Prior to yesterday we'd all heard the claptrap about United's title credentials coming out of Old Trafford from Fergie and some of the usual suspects, most of that can be ignored, because frankly we've heard it many times and despite the clubs success under Ferguson United haven't always delivered, and especially in Europe which remains the holy grail for the manager and many of his players.

Personally I still doubt United have a good enough squad to win the title or the Champions League. United are relying heavily on Saha at present because we don't have strength in depth up front and so we remain one injury away from potential disaster.

However, if United could string a few more performances together like yesterday and providing we have a run of luck with injuries then everyone including me might really start to believe the hype.

United have a relatively easy looking run of fixtures coming up, with the exception of Pompey at home and an away trip to Blackburn (don't forget last season Fergie), but the biggest test of the season so far comes on November 26th when the champions visit Old Trafford. Depending on how Fergie tinkers between now and then United's confidence should be sky high.

One thing is for certain, United do stand a better chance of making more of a fist of it this season and even if we don't win any of the big prizes, many will happy if the reds keep on playing as they did against Bolton.

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