Saturday, October 14, 2006

Reds fightback to win after Baines blockbuster..

United fought back to win 3-1 away Wigan in the Saturday lunch time fixture today. The game started badly for the reds as United were rocked on their heels on only 5 minutes after Leighton Baines pile-drived home an unstoppable shot from a free-kick from just outside the United penalty area.

A blast from history, Leighton Baines was on target today (left) and Leighton James of Burnley and Wales circa 1970. Both graced the left wing, but can / could hit a ball.

But United fought back strongly and at one point had 73% of the possession without being able to unlock the door. Rooney came closest after beating his man and then crashing his shot against the bar. The referee was having a very mixed game, he wrongly booked Rio Ferdinand and then John O'Shea, when replays showed neither was deserved, but Steve Bennett is one of the worst refs in the game, so it came as no surprise.

At half time Fergie sent on the flying Welshman Ryan Giggs and his introduction saw United switching back to a more familiar and comfortable looking 4-4-2 with Rooney coming in from the left to support Saha.

United started to click and ironically it was Rooney who was supplying the killer balls from wide left. First he found Saha with a superb flick of the right boot. Saha took the ball beat his man and only had the keeper to beat but somehow pulled his shot wide. You got the feeling it might not be United's day. But then United were awarded a corner and Vidic powerfully headed home Giggs in-swinger from the right. IT was a superb header and it gave Kirkland no chance.

United's second goal came from another great ball in from Rooney who found Saha, who somehow controlled the ball and scored with just two touches. Technically, it was a great piece of skill by the Frenchman. United had more chances to have won the game comprehensively and were denied what looked like a cast-iron penalty. The travelling red army weren't disappointed though as St. Ole hammered home the final nail in Wigan's coffin, following a backheel from Rooney. The Norwegian scored with a fine effort, after a defender attempted to hack him down on the edge of the box, Ole kept his footing and his composure to make it 3-1.

Star man. Rooney - for never giving up and supplying all three goals.

Poorest performance of the day. Steve Bennett - he gave his usual appalling standard of refereeing.


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  6. Leighton James. Now there's a name from the past and a fantastic left winger.

    The Gaffer
    EPL Talk Blog


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