Tuesday, October 10, 2006

McClaren "The gloves are off"....

According to the press 'the gloves are off' following that hugely disappointing 0-0 draw with Macdedonia on Saturday. However, as I predicted members of her majesty's press went on to tell readers that everything will be ok 'because Terry Venables is assisting the England manager'....

However, as I have previously alluded to on this blog, Venables never hangs around long enough for anyone to judge how good a coach he really is, and to that end it was interesting to read over the weekend that he's turned down the offer a four year contract with England. Reason? Because he wants to see 'how things go with McClaren'. More likely, could it be the case that if things aren't going well for England Venables will once again jump ship before he gets pushed?

Here's a competition. Which one of these two will be labelled as a donkey in the not too distant future by her majesty's gentlemen of the press?

Here's a clue, they both look like laughing mules, but it's the one with only two legs.

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