Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Does anyone really give a toss about England?

Ok, cards on the table. I really don't care if England win or lose tonight against Croatia. This isn't a new thing, I didn't much care back in 1970 for the World Cup in Mexico. Reason? I've always been a fan of attacking / exciting football. Brazil used to 'light my fire' and Argentina in 1978 were good. More recently both teams have been something of a dissapointment, Brazil appear to have forgotten about their attacking traditions and they hugely under performed during the World Cup.

As for European teams, Holland were about the best I've seen back in Johan Cruyff's days, and course Germany have always played a pragmatic sort of game. Excitement isn't a word many would associate with Germany.

The Italian's are ok if you like tactics. However, I still haven't forgiven them for the cynical side to their game which was so much in evidence during the 70s.

Sartorial elegance personified - if the cap fits wear it - the BCA's headgear of choice.

So back to tonight. What can we expect? For starters, a studio full of 'experts' sat on the sofa telling us all what the England manager should do, or not do, as the case may be. IF it's a dull as dishwater, there's always the hope that the BCA (Burberry Clad Arseholes) will provide some entertainment on the terraces.

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