Monday, October 30, 2006

Beckham - let the courting begin....

David Beckham has hinted he's not looking to leave Madrid 'at the minute'. There has been talk of a new deal, but so far nothing has been signed and so while this is the case the former England captain will be the subject of intense media speculation.

As with the way with these things, several stories emerged over the weekend in the British tabloid press claiming that there's strong interest for his signature from among others Spurs.

One never knows where these stories originate from, but more often than not they turn out to be kite flying exercises from agents and even clubs themselves. Once you start reading these stories on a regular basis, it can mark the beginning of an elaborate courtship via the media with subtle hints from the player and his would be suitors. Today's story contains the usual tell-tale coded messages with Beckham using the carefully chosen words "I am not considering any move at the minute."

However, Beckham did say he's not looking to leave, which again is message to the Madrid people, in fairness he has to say that to keep on side with the fans. Personally I'd be amazed if Beckham signs this new deal. A move back to England is my best bet.

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