Wednesday, October 04, 2006

BBC 606 moderators = monkeys and peanuts?

Oh dear. At the last count the number was 384 who'd signed the online petition complaining about the BBC 5 Live's new message board... So what is the problem?

The BBC have apparently decided to close down the old style message boards, I guess this was because of potential legal issues arising, stemming from fans posting libellous material on the board.

606 scrapped the existing boards and launched a new site format where members can post articles on football related issues. Nothing wrong with that really. Well actually, there is something very wrong it. As is often the case when you have a moderator approving posts, as with the revamped 606 site. The moderator can make or break the site. In this instance, whoever is doing the job is in the opinion of many doing a very bad job.

The moderator has to know when something is ok and when it isn't. In September I came across this issue and I have posted about it on this blog (see September archive). In my case, the moderator removed something from a post that should never have been touched. Which was later confirmed by bosses of the 606 site Sportstalk and the offending item was eventually re-instated.

I complained bitterly to Sportstalk, and I have no doubt this led to me being black-balled by the 606 moderating team, and as a result none of my articles appeared on the main site despite being given the highest accolade of 'manager's pick' and completing my profile as requested.

I have been told by staff at Sportstalk, that moderating is done by an outside source. Is this another case of paying peanuts and attracting monkey's? There's no doubt about the monkey's in my experience, the peanuts are the only remaining question.

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