Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Alan Green log..

I've decided to keep a log on BBC 606s 5-live commentator Alan Green. Reason being? He's likes to have a pop at United, and truth be known, he doesn't like United at all, that much is blatantly clear. He's a Liverpool fan too isn't he?

For starters we shall roll back the log clock to United's recent draw with Reading. Following the game he said of United fans "you lot are fickle, you really are"..

This weekend just gone, Alan had a go at the facilities in the Old Trafford Press box, he was complaining because there's no tv replay facility, which I can understand to be honest.

He then had a go at the South Stand regulars complaining that 'these United fans never watch the game, they just stare at the opposition fans all the way through the game'...he also had a go at United's attendance figures stating that they didn't matter.

In fairness even Fergie has had a got at the Old Trafford support recently. I never thought I'd ever be lumping him in with Al though. Watch this space for more updates.

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